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The current litter at Riverstone was born on Thursday 10 January 2013.  We have two girls and two boys - pop back and watch them grow and when they are up and about I will add video clips


I'm having so much fun with these puppies, four is an easy number, you don't trip over them all when they escape and run through the house, it's usually Kosta (big brother) who lets them out. 
Puppies have been introduced to lots of new things over the last week and a bit - the best one was tonight (Tuesday 19 Feb) when the fire alarm went off - living in a small town we have a volunteer brigade and the whole town hears when the alarm goes off -puppies looked at each other ran around in circles and then went back to playing.  But they took grass, water, wind and meeting new people all in their stride.  
Click on the photo below and it shows the tubby puppies enjoying their first day out in the sun.


It's hard to believe three of these guys will be leaving in just under three weeks


Four weeks old today - has it really been four weeks?  It's going so fast and these fat little puppies are growing by the day.  The inside puppy pen has been extended (must get onto the outside one but feel I'll jinx the run of brilliant weather we are having).  Below are pictures of Big Brother Kosta visiting  the puppies (he spends quite a bit of time in there).



The whelping box is gone and now there is a crate - great for shutting little puppies in when trying to clean their pen out. 

They all had their first taste of REAL food two days ago, little mince balls and I had to keep checking I had all my finger tips - to say they were ready is an understatement.  Now they are also having 'mush' soaked puppy biscuits with the centre just firm enough to use their teeth (oh yes they have TEETH - toes are their favourite thing to nibble on).  Some feeding photos will be taken soon.

Worming and toe nail day today - too hot to fight the big dogs


Three weeks old today - mmmmm a whole week and no update.  If you click on the photo below you will be able to watch the four drunken wobbly but ever so cute puppies)

(sorry as a rule I don't do music with videos but the TV was really loud in the background)


Two weeks old today - wormed and toe nails cut, boy don't they look stressed!!!!!!


Kosta is playing mummy to his little brothers and sisters - usually the boys back pedal very very quickly when presented with a little puppy, he is allowed to come and visit occasionally, BUT sometimes they come a bit too close and he has to move



Day 10 and now each time I'm watching the puppies, they are staring right back at me  :o)


WOW that week has gone really fast, fat little sausages at seven I can't get over just how fast they are moving around the whelping box, especially when looking for the milk bar

They have even managed to sort themselves for the photo below,  boys to the left and girls to the right (very helpful) 


Well one day earlier than expected the puppies have arrived at Riverstone - two young ladies and two young gentlemen to watch and waste sooooo much time with   

(if visited earlier you might have read that we had four young ladies - lets say I need to get my eyes checked :o)  )


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