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The West Coast of the South Island is well known for it's rainfall - and I should have known better!!! 
At the West Coast Kennel Club shows held at the race course in Greymouth in October I had a little problem ....
 I knew I shouldn't have parked there - after trying to get out and only digging myself in deeper, I wasn't too worried as someone would help me when it was time to go home (I hoped)
     Sarah Abrey and Jay to the rescue
All right Jay, enough comments about lady drivers - just PUSH!!!!!
Nope - I had done a good job - Sarah and Jay had to call on the help of Ron Irvine from Nelson to tow me out
Mmmm I suppose it does help if you put the car in reverse not drive - shhhh bad enough getting stuck!!!!!
Just about out .....
 And what did I learn from this little exercise - well if there is a large area with cars parked all around it, there's a good reason why no else has parked there!!!!! 
Needless to say I found somewhere else to park the next day.


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