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A very sad fact of sharing your life with dogs is that at some stage you have to lose one of the furry family.  Unfortunately it's not always after a long and happy life.
There is a lovely poem called "Rainbow Bridge",  I'm sorry I don't know the name of the author.  If you would like to read the poem, please click on the link below, though beware you will need a box of tissues handy. 
CH Dicey Reilly of Leitrim  22/11/1994 - 04/03/2006
This was were it all began, we told the breeder we just wanted a puppy to take home to love, little did we know what we were letting ourselves in for.  Otis was such a beautiful boy and a real gentleman, even as a small puppy he was "old", not in the boring sense he was just so well-behaved, it was as if he had been here before.  He loved swimming, even when there was ice around the edge, brrrrrrrrrrr (thankfully there were no joint problems when he got older).  He would leap off the bank into the water, and would have stayed in there all day if he was allowed
We both entered the world of showing Goldens together, we learnt together even though we made lots of mistakes it was so much fun.  Otis gained his title two days after turning 7.   He melted people with his dark eyes and beautiful face. 
On Saturday 4 March, at 11.5 years of age and after a short illness, Otis was helped over the "Rainbow Bridge".
Riverstone Rolled in Gold 30/03/2005 - 15/09/2005 
Anja was a lovely wee girl and was only 5.5 months old when she went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Heaven help them all at the Bridge as she would be causing a real stir there, just as she did at home!!    She gave "the pokey little puppy" a whole new meaning.
Anja may have only been here for a very short time, but she will always be remember.


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