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Welcome to Jarno's World... it's just  a shame that the camera can't catch the "Clown" in him!!
Just over 48 hours old, definately not an indication of what was to come!!!
  Quick take the photo before he moves again!!!!
At four months old, shame about the yellow eyes giving him the
"hound from hell" look.
At 11 months old keeping Otis company
(not long before Otis was helped over the "Rainbow Bridge")

                                                Having a rest out of the sun
Typical position for Jarno - sound asleep on his back
Poor Jarno always seems to be a the bottom of the pile
 the girls just run all over him.
Jarno with sister Jenna spotting a cat - please Please Please  let us go!!!!!
(no cats were harmed in the taking of this photo!!!)
Jarno with Sasha and Dezzie - he enjoys visiting them in Ashburton
as they have a swimming pool for hot days!!!!!
My "Gingernut"


New Zealand

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New Zealand
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